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Ref:  'The Guardian Reporter American Tenant Screen Inc.
2Q96 Volume 2, Issue 2

Lead Paint Revisited

The U.S. EPA has recently published a brochure for apartment owners and managers summarizing the requirements of the new lead-based paint pre-renovation education rule.  The information is also available at
Under these regulations, which took effect June 1, residents must be informed in writing each time apartment maintenance personnel or outside contractors perform renovations that disturbs two or more square feet of paint in a pre-1978 apartment unit or common area.  An acknowledgment by the resident of receipt of the disclosure must be kept for three years.  In a related action, both HUD and EPA have begun enforcement of the 1996 lead paint disclosure requirements.  As of July 1, four settlements had been reached for a total of $259,00 in fines; 45 more actions are pending.
Ref:  Journal of Property Management  Sept./Oct.  1999
(I assume they meant $259,000.)

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